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How can learn.spreadbetting help you?

Build your foundations

Whether you’re new to spread betting or a little more experienced, our informative online courses can help you take your knowledge to the next level. With topics ranging from basic principles to learning the tools of the trade, you’ll gain a rounded understanding of spread betting, and the confidence to use it in a practical setting – whatever your background. 

Learn your way

Pick from more than 50 topics across six courses, and work through in whatever order suits you, at your own pace. Fill the gaps in your knowledge by using our search tool to find the topics that interest you, or choose a structured approach and take the courses from start to finish – it’s entirely up to you.  

Aim high

Come away from each course confident in what you’ve learned, and ready to put it to use. Take our end-of-course quizzes to test your knowledge, and challenge yourself by aiming for a perfect score. Don’t worry about losing your progress if time’s tight – click ‘Mark as read’ at the end of each topic, and you’ll be able to see where you left off.