About us

learn.spreadbetting is a free resource from the UK’s No.1 spread betting provider, aimed at those taking their first steps into betting on the financial markets.*

Just like any form of financial dealing, spread betting comes with risk. The purpose of learn.spreadbetting is to teach you how to navigate these risks, while putting you in the best position to make shrewd, informed decisions.

By breaking it down into its key components, we’ve made getting to grips with spread betting as simple as possible. We go right back to basics – looking at what it is, how much money you need, and giving you a detailed picture of how you can get started.

There are two different ways you can approach learn.spreadbetting. Which way you choose entirely depends on your needs.

1.    Courses

If you’re not sure where to start, you can simply work your way through the courses, one page at a time. You’ll cover:

When it comes to completing these courses, there’s no pressure to work to a set timeframe. But if you want to progress quickly, you’ll find we’ve made it easy: everything is written in plain English and any industry terms are explained in full as you go along.

At the end of each course, you’ll be presented with a quiz to see how much you’ve picked up – and if there’s anything you need to brush up on. You can go back to previous pages at any time if you need to refresh your memory.

By the time you’ve finished these courses, you’ll know everything you need to know to start spread betting with confidence.

2.    Topics

Alternatively, you can view individual topics as and when you need them.

learn.spreadbetting has been designed so that you can make sense of a topic whether or not you’re following a course. So you can essentially use it as a reference point – a place where you can dip into the topics relevant to you.

You’ll also find intuitive navigation between pages, allowing you to learn about topics related to those you’re reading up on. To track what you’ve looked at so far, simply click the ‘Mark as read’ button.

Who we are

learn.spreadbetting is run by IG, the leading spread betting provider in the UK.* 

With over 40 years of experience in the financial markets, we’re in a unique position to be able to help people become confident and capable spread bettors. That’s why we created a site that presents clear, educational information on the hows and whys of spread betting. 

Throughout learn.spreadbetting, we use IG’s services and products as examples, to show you how to use a deal ticket, or an online dealing platform.  You can easily set up a demo account with IG to help you put the theory into practice as you progress.

Get started with learn.spreadbetting

To get started, choose your first course, browse individual topics, or find out more about us at IG.com.

* UK’s No.1 spread betting provider based on number of active UK financial spread betting accounts (Investment Trends UK Leveraged Trading Report October 2016)