Spread betting on mobile apps

The markets won’t stop and wait while you’re away from your desk, but fortunately there’s no need to miss opportunities if you have a spread betting app.

Spread betting apps allow you to keep on top of market developments around the clock

Mobile spread betting is now becoming even more popular than dealing from a desktop computer. The rapid development of smartphone and tablet technology has enabled spread betting firms to create apps that have most or all of the functionality you get with desktop platforms.

This is good news for spread bettors, as it means you can deal and do many other key things while on the move:

  • Keep an eye on the markets and spot potential dealing opportunities
  • Open new positions and create orders
  • Monitor the progress of your existing positions and your running profit & loss
  • Set stops and limits

As a result, spread betting can be an integrated part of your life, rather than something you can only do at a defined time in a particular place. You can spread bet while commuting on the train or waiting to meet a friend, for example.

So when you’re selecting a spread betting provider, it’s worth looking at the quality of the apps they offer as part of your decision process.

What makes a good spread betting app?

Most of the apps available will enable you to do the essential tasks listed above, but some will offer a better experience than others. Ratings in the app stores will help you assess the merits of each app, and you can also look for answers to the following questions:

Is the app ‘natively designed’ for my device?

If the app has been developed specifically for your phone or tablet and operating system, you can be confident it will be fully compatible with the device, reducing the risk of technical glitches.

Is the app secure?

Look for 256-bit SSL encryption. This tells you the app offers a high level of security – the standard used by PayPal and high-street banks.

Is it free?

Is there any charge to download the app onto your device?

Does it provide high-quality charts?

Check the charts have all the features you need, such as the ability to apply technical indicators, make annotations or open, close and edit positions directly from the chart.

Can I receive price alerts?

Alerts will let you know when a potential spread betting opportunity arises, so you can react immediately wherever you are. You may even be able to deal directly from the alert message. 

Can I access market information?

Does the app include live news and market data, so you can analyse how an asset is moving and see the impact of news events as they happen?

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